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Of Sacred Change


There are many metaphors with which to speak of God. In truth the language of the imagination is the only way to speak of God. The people of the Islamic faith speak of God as having ninety nine names, emblematic of the awareness that we can never definitively speak of the infinite; but we do […] Read more »

Of Peril and Dignity


While singing Melita (also known as the “Navy” hymn #608) this past Sunday I was so choked up with emotion I could hardly get the words out. Over the years I have sung this hymn time and again, but I never really felt the words. I guess I heard it as a militaristic sort of […] Read more »

Racism R.I.P.


November 4th 2008 was perhaps our defining moment as a nation.Whether one is liberal or conservative; Republican or Democrat, one thing that we can all celebrate in this election is the beginning of the end of racism: the finale of the American Civil War. From the abolition of slavery, Brown versus the Board of Education, […] Read more »