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California Dreamin’


The General Convention of the Episcopal Church affects me in a similar way that our liturgy does. Both are at once a celebration of who we are, of our life and labor together, of shared ministry and mission; but they are also imaginative speculations as to what we might become, or perhaps more rightly said, […] Read more »

Of What’s Going to Happen


It is clear that once again the issue around which the General Convention’s energy is centered is the issue of human sexuality. Some would say, “why don’t we get about the mission of the church, and get past matters pertaining to sex. There is a part of me that agrees, but we will not as […] Read more »

Of Polity and Poetry


I feel like I’ve been in Anaheim a week, but I’ve only been here just three days. It’s been that busy: Legislative committee meetings, deputy orientation, countless briefings. It’s all been a little disorienting. Just stepping off the plane into forty five per cent humidity makes me feel like I’ve landed on another planet (I’m […] Read more »