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Of Grief and Memory


Katharine’s father will have been dead a year this coming September. We just spent a couple of days in Panama City going through some of his things. We passed on the back beach road Coram’s restaurant, a place where he would go each morning around five thirty a.m. for coffee. He would smoke cigarettes and […] Read more »

Of Church and Church Going


When we say church what have we said? In the New Testament literature the word for church is eklesia, which literally means “gathered assembly.” It comes from the ancient Greek that was used to describe the public assembly that governed the Polis, Plato’s vision of a city governing themselves in an order that resembled the […] Read more »

Of Real Presence


Several All Saintsers have asked me questions about this past Sunday’s sermon in which I mentioned the terms transubstantiation and consubstantiation. The former, an early medieval construct in Roman Catholicism, according to The Westminster Dictionary of Theological Terms, means that the bread and wine in the Eucharist are “essentially changed” into the body and blood […] Read more »