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Of Words Well Wrought and Reality


I am currently teaching a course in Ethics for the diocesan school for vocational deacons. We are using Alasdair McIntyre’s A Short History of Ethics as our textbook. It is a very succinct survey of classical moral philosophy beginning with the Sophists, Socrates, Plato and Aristotle; the Stoics and Cynics; Augustine and Aquinas; Hobbes and Spinoza; Locke […] Read more »

Of All Dem Saints


I admit it. I love football. For those of you who don’t, please indulge me. I love the beauty of a tight spiraling pass, the majesty of a fifty yard punt, the sudden burst up the middle by the tailback, the dazzling speed, the aerial catch, the linebacker’s instinct, the struggle of converging wills, the electricity […] Read more »

Of Milieu and Meaning


K and I have been living in Mobile now for almost six years, and we have really come to love this quirky place. We love the diversity of architecture…the Greco-Roman revival, the Empire, the creole cottages, the craftsman style, the ghosts of Gothic, the faded influence of the Spanish and French who once inhabited this place, their […] Read more »