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Of All Hallows Eve


” I had not thought death had undone so many.” Those words Dante says to Virgil upon entering the Infierno…I’ve been acquainted with death too much lately…the deaths of friends, of family…rudely forced… I just got news that my uncle in Dothan has cancer…He’s eighty six….the older we get the more acquainted with death we […] Read more »

Of Simple Justice


Tonight at All Saints the Bridges program of the Quest for Social Justice¬†and the Bay Area Women’s Coalition¬†will present Melanie Jeffcoat’s documentary Open Secret. The documentary is a reenactment of the 1901 Alabama Constitutional Convention based on actual transcripts of the convention. It sheds light on how conscious decisions were made to institutionalize white male […] Read more »

Of True Faith


We have begun our Inquirers’ Class at All Saints. It is designed for folks who want to know more about the Episcopal Church, and for people who just want to continue to learn about the faith. It also serves as preparation for Confirmation, the “official” means of joining the Episcopal Church as a Communicant. (It’s […] Read more »