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Of Mutability


Rain is pelting the windows of my office. I walked outside to get a sense of the storm, its character, and the temperature had already dropped some ten degrees…the tops of the water oaks frenzied by the torrents of wind a November cold front brings. I am forever amazed and enamored by the flux of weather…the […] Read more »

Of Ending and Beginning


“In our end is our beginning” writes T.S. Eliot in Four Quartets…. perhaps a fine distillation of the truth at the heart of the universe…things end and things begin, a cosmic cycle of reiteration, of event and decision and circumstance, all moving to the music and rhythm of end and beginning…death and life…yin and yang…the polarities of […] Read more »

Lives of Discovery


We have just finished the 2010 edition of Inquirers’ Class. I am so thankful for intelligent and passionately seeking people. The class at times was exhilarating, at least for me. It gives me hope for the church that there are still folks who don’t want easy answers; who wish to challenge the magisterial dogma of […] Read more »