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Of Power and Control


Mary and I just returned from clergy conference at which the topic was domestic abuse. It was a long hard day. We heard personal stories of domestic abuse and also learned some valuable information from experts that we as clergy need to know. In many cases clergy hurt the situation more than help it….One person told the […] Read more »

That They All May Be One


I had a long conversation with a friend who was born and raised a Roman Catholic, still is…but a very open minded one. (not that there aren’t other Roman Catholics who are open minded….just as in the Episcopal Church there are the open minded ones and the ones not so much so) We were bemoaning the […] Read more »

Of the Praise of Violence


I watched in horror the wild jubilation upon the president’s announcement that Osama Bin Laden had been killed. Certainly I am not defending the despicable acts perpetrated by Bin Laden and Al Qaeda….but it just seemed so wrong to me for people to celebrate with such unbridled joy catalyzed by anger the death of anyone, even if it is […] Read more »