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Of Civil Rights


On Sunday August 12 we will celebrate the feast of St. Mary the Virgin transferring her feast day that falls on a weekday, August 15. We will also commemorate Jonathan Myrick Daniels, martyr of Alabama whose feast day in the church calendar is August 14. The Gospel readings for each of these occasions are the same interestingly […] Read more »

Of Being a Christian


I remember during my school age growing up in the sixties and seventies, which happened to coincide with the so-called renewal movement in the church, being asked by classmates if I were a Christian, and more particularly had I made a “decision for Christ.” The question perplexed me then as it still does now. I didn’t […] Read more »

Of Politics and Partisanship


The word politics comes from the Greek word Polis which in the early stages of its etymology meant “fortified city.” For Plato however the word took on a much more rich meaning. For Plato the polis was the city state which reflected an ideal way of human living; even the architecture of the polis reflected […] Read more »