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Of Being Earnest


My friend and classmate from seminary, Will Carter, died last night. He was diagnosed with stage four pancreatic cancer just ten days ago. The Doctors said he could possibly make it four weeks, but Will told his wife it wouldn’t be that long. He was in his late sixties or early seventies; young in this […] Read more »

Of Love Unleashed


Our daughter Katie was married this past weekend. It was a very small and simple wedding, just close family, but still elegant and beautiful. The poor groom fought back tears the entire service which meant as the officiant I had to fight back tears as well. Katie and Gerald got engaged last year in the […] Read more »

Of Community Organizing


In my first year of seminary we juniors were required to work with Austin Interfaith for our required field placement. The next two years we would be placed in various parishes for our field placement requirement. Most seminaries give you a pass on field work your first year, but my seminary felt very strongly that […] Read more »