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Of the Least of These


I am becoming so tired of the gridlock in Washington. At least as recounted in the media, there is a decided absence of the art of statesmanship, compromise being an invaluable tool by which to serve the common good as legislators. Now ideology has taken on godlike stature rendering compromise, finding a middle way, next […] Read more »

Of Atonement


You would never think sorority rush at the University of Alabama would make national news, but last week it did. Apparently the active members of the Alpha Gamma Delta sorority (full disclosure: my wife was a member back in the day) wanted to offer a bid to join the sorority to one whom they considered […] Read more »

Of War and Rumors of War


This business between the United States and Syria is no small thing. I believe we quite possibly may be at the nexus of a significant paradigm shift in the commerce of foreign relations. The president has been talking tough, like so many presidents before him, but I sense that he has never been sold on […] Read more »